Heidi – “I’ve Been Redeemed”

Defiance is expressed in many ways. For parents of those choosing the destructive path of addiction, defiant words come with almost inexpressible pain.

The parents of a young woman who was running away from the Biblical values of her formative years knew that the solution could be found in a life-changing encounter with God. And they knew that God was using Teen Challenge to help make these encounters possible. But their concern was answered with more defiance and hurtful words. “I will never give you the satisfaction, even if Teen Challenge ‘works,’ to hear me give my testimony.” Defiance is the product of deception, the result of an enemy at work to kill, steal and destroy.

Imagine, then, the joy that this mom and dad would have felt when they heard these words in a song written by their daughter:

“So find my Mom and Daddy, too, tell them their little girl’s been made anew.”

The words are lyrics from Redeemed, Heidi’s song and testimony. Heidi, once lost to addiction, now redeemed by God’s Grace.

Heidi is a Teen Challenge graduate and her story is not unique. We never tire of hearing parents share that they have their son or daughter back. Or children have their parents back. Or wives or husbands have their spouses back.

Because Teen Challenge offers its services without charge, supporters like you make these stories possible. On behalf of all the lives touched by your generosity, we say, Thank You! You are a real difference maker.