I was the King of Bad Decisions.” – Carlos’ Story

Meet Carlos Osnaya, who is more than a teacher-advisor at our men’s Christian Life training center in Riverside. Six years ago he was a student there, learning how to overcome an alcohol addiction through the power of Jesus Christ.

“I was the King of Bad Decisions,” Carlos told us when we asked him how he became an alcoholic. He grew up in San Diego in a solid family, but with alcohol present at all family get-togethers, drinking was a fact of life. As a young man, drinking led to fighting and a DUI. After one particularly bad fight in 1999, Carlos was tried, convicted, and sent to prison.

It was in prison that he heard about Christ. Through others who had given their lives to God, Carlos learned how to live differently. When he was released from prison in 2001, he knew he needed help—but wasn’t ready to look for it yet. It wasn’t until after many more bad decisions, including three more DUIs and several broken relationships, that he decided to make a change. God brought him to Teen Challenge in 2010.

“Here I got the help, support and power to overcome in Christ,” Carlos says. Today, Carlos is married and so thankful for his beautiful wife and baby girl. At Teen Challenge, he is making a difference in the lives of other men who are fighting the same battles he once did. One-on-one, he encourages them and teaches them a better way.

Your support enabled him to make a change and find a new life free of alcohol, free to experience God’s love first-hand. Thank you!

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