The Restored Family Man, Ernie’s Story

The Restored Family Man, Ernie's Story Ernie's descent into addiction was quick. His appetite grew for any substance that promised an escape from reality. By his early teens, he was ensnared in the grip of alcohol and petty crime — a trajectory that culminated in his first [...]

“I have a hope, I have a future” Ameerah’s story

"I have a hope, I have a future" Ameerah's story Full of excitement and anticipation, Ameerah enrolled at San Francisco State University. But the freedom of college life proved to be a double-edged sword, “Quickly I got distracted, just like most people do when they get out of [...]

“God Brought Me Back,” Gabriel’s story

"God Brought Me Back," Gabriel's story Meth, in Gabe's words, was the "devil's drug," a substance that severed his connection to God. He also began to distance himself from his family, creating a wide gap that strained his relationship with his parents — especially his father, [...]

A Son and Family Restored, Joshua’s Story

A Son and Family Restored, Joshua's Story All Joshua wanted was to make his dad proud. “I would try to get good grades,” he remembers, “I would try to be a good kid, but I felt like there was always something that I wasn’t doing to [...]

It’s Time to Come Home, Petrina’s Story

It's Time to Come Home, Petrina's Story Petrina was having fun, at first.  When she tried meth at 19 it was to keep her boyfriend around. But when she tried to quit so she could visit her parents for Christmas, she realized things had gotten out of control, [...]

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