Restored and Reunited, Juanita’s Story

Restored and Reunited, Juanita’s Story Juanita grew up in a small farming town in California’s Central Valley, one of five sisters born to parents from Mexico. But poor choices led Juanita into a seven-year heroin addiction. “I never understood how being addicted—hurting myself—could be hurting others or my family.” [...]

From Brokenness to Restoration, Steve’s Story

From Brokenness to Restoration, Steve's Story Steve came to us first in 2004. At Teen Challenge, he learned how to live free of drugs. But now, looking back on that time, he will tell you that he never gave God everything. He graduated from the one-year program [...]

Freed by God’s love, The Coston’s Story

Transformed by God's love, The Coston's Story As a young girl Shaneen was shy and never felt like she belonged. In middle school, she saw an opportunity to fit in and started drinking and smoking weed at parties. In high school, she drank heavily at weekend parties. She set [...]

“Nothing is Impossible with God! Don’t ever doubt Him.” -Monique

"Nothing is Impossible with God! Don't ever doubt Him." - Monique In the early 1990s, Monique found herself addicted to cocaine and her addiction created a series of tragedies, including being shot and losing her two-month-old son. Then dad convinced her to enter Teen Challenge in Philadelphia. She completed [...]

Greg’s Story

“I started using drugs to mask the pain...” Greg Greg’s story is so inspiring, but it’s even more powerful when you know “the rest of the story.”Here it is, briefly summarized, in his own words: I started using drugs to mask the pain that I felt from being [...]

ARISE Pledge Unity

Thank you for joining the most important movement of our lifetime. As followers of Christ, we're called to share the good news of the Gospel. Some of Jesus' last words on earth were, "Go and make disciples of all nations." Sharing our faith isn't [...]

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