A Son and Family Restored, Joshua’s Story

A Son and Family Restored, Joshua's Story All Joshua wanted was to make his dad proud. “I would try to get good grades,” he remembers, “I would try to be a good kid, but I felt like there was always something that I wasn’t doing to [...]

It’s Time to Come Home, Petrina’s Story

It's Time to Come Home, Petrina's Story Petrina was having fun, at first.  When she tried meth at 19 it was to keep her boyfriend around. But when she tried to quit so she could visit her parents for Christmas, she realized things had gotten out of control, [...]

“No One is Too Far Gone” – Steve’s Story

"No One is Too Far Gone" - Steve's Story Steve tried a lot of different programs, and made a lot of mistakes in between. By 21 he was in his fifth inpatient program, “Among felony probation, I had pending cases and warrants out for my arrest. I was [...]

Her Life and Innocence Restored, Crystal’s Story

Her Life and Innocence Restored, Crystal's Story When Crystal was six months old, she lost her mom to prison and heroin. Growing up, her two older brothers ran the streets with gangs. She was abused as a young child. By age 12, she was binge-drinking until she would [...]

Choose Life, Lenny’s Story

Choose Life, Lenny's Story His parents told him, “Lenny, you’re either going to wind up in prison or wind up dead.” But he argued back, telling them that he had everything under control. Two years later, Lenny was driving drunk, which resulted in a tragic car accident where a [...]

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