Teen Challenge Resource Page

Teen Challenge of Southern California has many resources and content available to you for any season, Devotionals, pastors conference sermons, testimonies, podcasts, and more! Below are some links to find encouragement and hope. Follow our podcast on Spotify apple podcast Sticher [...]

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Mike Conway’s Story

Hope Happened: Mike's Story “I had every reason in the world to be successful,” Mike said, “to be anything but the drug addict that I ended up becoming.” The Destructiveness of Meth Mike remembers that as a pre-teen, an emptiness filled his heart that he just couldn’t get [...]

Kellisha T.

Kellisha's Story “If you would’ve told me what my life would be five years ago when I was in that jail cell, there’s no way I would have believed you.” Today, Kellisha is married and has a beautiful little girl nearly one year old. “Today I’m [...]

Sarah P.

From Deception to Freedom, Sarah's Story She was only a teen when her mother died and, in her pain, Sarah became angry with God. The day of her mother’s funeral was the first time she ever smoked marijuana. It would not be the last. The next few years became [...]

Brianna’s Story

BRIANNA’S VICTORY BEGAN WITH A DESPERATE PLEA TO GOD Brianna started drinking and smoking when she was 12. When she was 15, she was shooting up heroin. “I was hanging out with all the wrong people because they were just as broken as I was,” she remembers. [...]

The New Life Journal – December Appeal

THE NEW LIFE WITH RON BROWN DEVOTIONAL JOURNAL New Life is the promise of the New Testament and the story of tens of thousands of men and women since the founding of Southern California Teen Challenge in 1963. In his weekly video podcast series of [...]


Aloquese's Story Loneliness. When Aloquese thinks of her childhood, that’s one of the first things she remembers. She was five years old when her mom “just wasn’t there anymore.” The rules of the house became very strict. Aloquese was not free to make her own decisions. There was [...]