God if you’re really there, please take me out of this situation – Darlene

Imagine a life so bad that you would consider getting arrested to be an answer to prayer.

Darlene’s life was that bad and so, two weeks after praying “God if you’re really there, please take me out of this situation,” she was arrested and prayed another prayer, “Thank you, God, now I know you’re real.”

Four times Darlene had been imprisoned. She’d lost her children to the state because, not only was she a drug user, she was also a dealer and manufacturer. The last time she got arrested marked the first time she sensed some hope . . . because it was an answer to her desperate prayer.

The day she was paroled Darlene started back toward her old neighborhood, then stopped and thought, “I just can’t do this anymore.” She called a friend. Her friend called Teen Challenge.

When Darlene got to Teen Challenge the scriptures started to make sense. “Teen Challenge opened my mind to the Scriptures and how real they are.”

Darlene has now been drug-free for 11 years. She’s married to a godly man, been reunited with her children and plays an active part in her 13 grandchildren’s lives.

Across Southern California, tens of thousands of other men and women are lost in the kind of drug world that Darlene was. Hopeless. Desperate. Not knowing where to go to find a new life.

Teen Challenge can give them a new life—but we need your help.

Will you prayerfully consider supporting our mission to bring hope to lives just like Darlene’s?