Dawn Found Hope and Joy at Teen Challenge

She began using drugs at 14 and continued for 22 years. She was abused. Her father left when she was one; she was five when her mother died. Imagine that life. Without hope, without joy.

“I thought I was too far gone and that I’d be an addict the rest of my life,” she shared. But God had a different plan.

But God … two small words that mean absolutely everything.

This year we celebrate Easter on April 1 but imagine for a moment the last days before the first Easter. Peter’s denial—three times—had led to Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Then followed a tomb sealed with a stone and guarded by the world’s most feared soldiers.

And Jesus’ disciples? They scattered or hid in fear. No hope, no joy. But God.

But God did then what He has never stopped doing. He intervened with a power great enough to conquer death and restore life.  When the women went to the tomb on that first Sunday morning, their sadness and confusion quickly gave way to hope and joy. He was risen!

He is risen indeed!

I’m so glad to share that the risen Jesus of that first Easter conquered addiction and restored the life of the person described at the top of this letter—her name is Dawn.

A friend told Dawn about Teen Challenge and she gained a new understanding of Easter and resurrection power.  But God.

Since 1998, Dawn has shared her “But God” story with literally thousands of women as a staff member at Ventura Teen Challenge. More times than she can recall she’s seen addiction overwhelmed by the power of the resurrection and watched hope reborn and joy renewed.

Because of your gifts, men and women get to find their “But God” story and share it with others. In this Easter season, may your heart be filled with the hope and joy and you are sharing with others!

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