Radical Miracles and Life Transformation: Greg and Cheryl’s Story

Greg just wanted peace. But instead of turning to the Savior he met when he was 15, he leaned on alcohol to deal with life’s stress. Eventually, that cost him his career and personal and professional relationships. In short, Greg became a broken soul in search of new life.

Cheryl’s life was broken by drugs, alcohol and abuse. Like Greg, she too needed redemption, recovery and a new start.

Both Greg and Cheryl found that new life at Teen Challenge.

After graduating from Teen Challenge, both attended and graduated from TCMI. Now both are active in Teen Challenge ministry—Greg in Orange County and Cheryl in Los Angeles—where they help others who struggle with the same addictions they had.

We believe there is hope for every person. Our goal is to reach every addict in Southern California. Our message is that they can be freed from the destruction and pain that comes with drug and alcohol abuse.

You can help us. September is National Recovery Month—a time to rally together to spread awareness and a message of hope. We want everyone to know that Teen Challenge has the answer for the drug epidemic—and that answer is redemption through Jesus Christ!

Will you join hundreds of other donors who help Teen Challenge make an impact in others’ lives? You can play a part in helping others like Greg and Cheryl.