“Teen Challenge Gave Us Our Lives Back” – John’s Story

John hid his addiction from friends and family for 10 years—until one day when his wife gave him an ultimatum, “Either get help or our marriage is over.” That day marked a turning point for John.

Many who come to Teen Challenge, like John, are well past their teen years. And for far too many, we represent their last hope to have a life worth living.

John faced the stark reality of giving up his addiction or losing his wife and two small children forever. He turned to Teen Challenge of Southern California, and his life finally turned for the better.

“There’s a clear marker in our lives,” John told us. “There’s before Teen Challenge, and there’s after Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge was that pivotal time that gave us our lives back.”

Today John is doing well. He graduated 18 years ago and currently works for one of the top 10 companies ranked by Fortune 500, and he also serves in a leadership position in his church.

The sad reality is, however, that we continue to hear from mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons, who all come to us seeking the same kind of change John experienced. Teen Challenge of Southern California helps men, women and adolescents find that change. We show them that through Jesus Christ they can live free from addictions.

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