Embracing Change – Kelli’s Story

Kelli struggled with drugs and alcohol most of her life. Meth, cocaine, heroin, prescription meds. She tried everything, including rehab six times, but nothing worked.

Eventually, she abandoned her three children and joined the homeless on the streets of Southern California. She burned all of her bridges until nothing was left.

Then she learned of Teen Challenge. The year was 2008, the time when real change began for Kelli at our Los Angeles women’s center.

“Teen Challenge was my family when my family wouldn’t have anything to do with me,” she said. “It was a time of silence with my family but also a time when I heard God’s voice and wisdom through my new family called Teen Challenge. I am so grateful.”

Kelli’s story isn’t unique. Unfortunately. Every day we see people in the same situation. We show them Jesus and He gives them hope. They experience the power of God and find His freedom and purpose.

Kelli’s story didn’t end when she graduated from Teen Challenge. She wanted to help others discover what she had found and enrolled at Teen Challenge Ministry Institute where she learned how to share her faith through ministry.

Today Kelli works at Ventura Teen Challenge. She’s been clean for almost nine years and, as a staff member, she’s shared her story with hundreds of women working to recover from the addiction she was once in.

Kelli’s life transformation was made possible by gifts from supporters of Teen Challenge in 2008. Your gifts are needed for “the Kellis” in Teen Challenge today. Please, if you can, send a generous gift today to support our continued work. You make these stories possible.