From Chaos to Redeemed: Michael Mericle’s Story

“God stepped into my life in the midst of the wreckage and the chaos that I had created and sought me out. ” – Michael

As a 13-year-old growing up on Coronado Island, Michael followed his older brothers into the local beach culture. By age 15 or 16, drinking and drugs started to become a problem. In his early 20s, Michael’s parents threatened to withdraw support if he didn’t change his ways. Not wanting to associate with “all those addicts” in local support groups, Michael decided to try quitting drugs on his own.

At times, Michael would pull himself together long enough to land a decent job, but then his drug use would spiral out of control and he’d be out of work again.

At the lowest point in Michael’s life, his drug use and disruptive behavior caused delays in his father’s military honor guard funeral. He barely remembers the following wake, only knowing what happened because of what others told him later.

He awoke the next day in a hotel room rented for him by his sister. Just months prior, she had come to faith. “What I saw in my sister was a profound change. It wasn’t words…it was action and deed. And there was just something different about that. She felt compelled to help. Not to enable but to help…and I recognized something about her that was very different, very attractive and very admirable.”

She invited him to church and at age 41, Michael heard the Gospel for the first time. The third time he went to church with her, Michael received the Lord as his Savior. He entered a sober re-entry home associated with the church and started to attend every Bible study and church event possible. The re-entry home’s overseer—a Teen Challenge graduate—saw how eagerly Michael sought after godly knowledge but also recognized that he needed discipleship as well. He recommended Michael go to Teen Challenge.

Because of faithful supporters, Michael’s life has been transformed. “God’s grace, love, and mercy just changes one forevermore. It gives you a desire…to live a life that’s holy and pleasing to him.” Thank you for playing a part in making his story possible!