Rejected by Family, Faced with Prison: Christina Found Hope at Teen Challenge

Born and raised in the Philippines, Christina was molested and then rejected by her family when just a young girl. Though she tried again and again to win their acceptance through good behavior, academic awards and even a nursing license, she was forever soiled in their eyes. Even her husband rejected her when he was told of the abuse.

Devastated, Christina decided all the hard work wasn’t worth it. So she came to the United States and lived a life of parties and drugs. She lost her nursing license and left her three children with her mother, just to satisfy her cravings. She married a man who was also a drug addict and before long they were arrested for possession of drugs and given a choice: prison or a recovery program.

Christina chose Teen Challenge but once she arrived, she decided she’d rather be in prison. However, the judge gave her a second chance to try again. Within a few months, she had to leave due to chronic heart problems, but once stabilized, she returned.

Nearly one year later, Christina was diagnosed with colon cancer and given two months to life. This time, she stayed. The Teen Challenge staff prayed for her and helped her through the chemotherapy. Within a couple of months, she graduated from Teen Challenge and eight months later, physicians were amazed to find no trace of cancer.

Christina went on to volunteer at the Ventura Teen Challenge women’s center and will tell you with tears in her eyes that she has seen many miracles in her life. “Teen Challenge helped me develop the right mindset,” she says, one that has enabled her to live a life filled with the joy that only God can give. Recently, health issues have cropped up, but Christina continues to trust in the Lord. “Even though these trials come my way I know that I have a very strong foundation that Teen Challenge help me build.”

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