Don and Luz sensed there was a problem with their son, David.

David was born in Latin America, lived there for the first 13 years of his life, and was having trouble adjusting to life in America. He disliked school and began isolating himself from others.

When David was in middle school, a neighbor told his father that he’d smelled marijuana in the backyard where David was.

“But I was in complete denial. My son would never do that,” Don recalled.

Don and Luz had many meetings with teachers and the school principal but nothing changed and they saw their son suspended, then expelled. A family friend shared the news that David was using hard drugs and life became even more difficult.

“We put David in numerous rehabs and were ready to mortgage our home to get help,” Luz shared. “I couldn’t believe it was happening and our marriage suffered as each of us sought to help in different ways and blamed each other.”

David went to Florida to live with family members in hopes that the change of scenery would bring long-lasting change in his life. “He got a job, made lots of money, and we thought he was doing okay.” But then he called home, distraught. Talk of taking his own life brought reality home to his parents.

Don, a school administrator, and Luz, a family therapist, found themselves in uncharted waters, unprepared to make objective decisions about what to do next. All Luz knew to do was pray.

Nearly a year passed, filled with turmoil and the roller coaster emotions that are common to families facing addiction. Then David met a Teen Challenge graduate—someone who could relate to where he was and who’d overcome the same issues he faced.

“God used Teen Challenge and the people there to open David’s heart and save him,” Don said. “And David’s salvation led to my salvation, and ours as a couple, and now to our entirely different life.”

Throughout the tough years, Luz never stopped praying for David. Your prayers and gifts were part of the answer to her prayers. You see, when one life is changed, entire families can be made whole again.