“I was selling dope to a guy and it turned out he didn’t have any money, he pulled a knife, cut my throat, and I wondered if I’d live.” – Woody 

Woody’s Parole Officer was ready to obtain a warrant for his arrest when she saw him panhandling at a fast food restaurant. Instead, she offered to drive him to Teen Challenge. It was a trip that changed the trajectory of his life.

Today he is Pastor Woody of Lynwood Worship Center, where he’s served his congregation and community for more than 20 years. Pastor Woody is a Teen Challenge graduate. He also graduated from our Ministry Institute where he prepared for ministry. If you knew Woody in 1992 you would never have imagined him having the positive impact he now has.

At Teen Challenge, Woody entered a new place and clearly remembers what happened next. “My experience with Jesus began. I learned how to pray. We had chapel and classes. We memorized Scripture. At TCMI God really marked my heart to go deeper into ministry and become a pastor.”

The story of how Woody became Pastor Woody could be repeated by countless men and women who have been transformed at Teen Challenge of Southern California. Faithful supporters make these stories possible with their prayers and gifts.