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Freedom and Hope: Brad’s story

Freedom and Hope: Brad's story At a casual party in 1984, a roommate offered Brad some speed—and his life was never the same again. Before long, a vial of meth became his constant companion and Brad found himself getting high every day, even at work. This is his story [...]

From Ruthless Drug Dealer to Redeemed – Hector’s Journey

From Ruthless Drug Dealer to Redeemed – Hector’s Journey Hector started using drugs at age 11 but when he found out how much money could be made, he quit using and started selling. Within a short time, he became very successful—and ruthless. “For me, it was just business,” he [...]

Embracing Change – Kelli’s Story

Embracing Change - Kelli's Story Kelli struggled with drugs and alcohol most of her life. Meth, cocaine, heroin, prescription meds. She tried everything, including rehab six times, but nothing worked. Eventually, she abandoned her three children and joined the homeless on the streets of Southern California. She burned all [...]

"God, if you’re real, here I am." -Christie

"God, if you're real, here I am." -Christie's Story Christie was a seventh grader when one of her stepbrothers was arrested for murder. But when she found out that he and two friends had originally intended to murder her and her family, her world turned upside down. Suddenly things [...]